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Make a (good) living while making a difference.

Dreaming of a successful business that pays you well and allows you to use your special talents to make a difference in the world? (Without working crazy hours – or trading your integrity for sleazy marketing tactics?)

You’re in the right place!

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • Difficulty finding new clients. (The good kind – who can afford your services and are willing to pay.)
  • Client churn – they buy one or two sessions, then disappear.
  • Problems explaining what you do in a way that people actually UNDERSTAND. Feeling lost for words when people ask you what you do.
  • Spending time and money in marketing efforts that don’t pay off. (Websites that don’t work, coffee conversations that go nowhere, blog posts that no one reads and social media updates that get “likes” but don’t lead to sales.)
  • Not making enough money. Feast and famine syndrome. (Or perpetual famine?)
  • Charging too little and giving too much – and still having potential clients tell you they “can’t afford” to pay what you’re asking
  • Confusion and overwhelm. Way too many things on your list, not knowing where to start. Things falling through the cracks.

You are not alone!

Building a sustainable, profitable small business is not easy. (Despite what the instant blueprint to massive success “gurus” will tell you.) Seriously…if it were that easy, everyone would be successful.

Instead, most coaches and wellness practitioners are struggling. I read recently that something like 75% of coaches earn less than $18,000 per year. And only a small percentage ever make it to the magical 6 figure mark. So yeah…it’s not just you.

That doesn’t mean it’s not possible.


Yes. You CAN make your business work.

With the right systems, processes, strategies and WORDS – you can enjoy:

  • Loyal, committed clients who show up ready to the do the work (and are willing to pay your fee)
  • Being able to clearly and succinctly explain what you do (in a way that causes your potential clients to sit up and take notice)
  • Answering the phone and discovering someone on the other end who “was just on your website and wants to learn more about working with you”
  • Making a good living while working sustainable hours (and not spending a ton of time and effort on marketing activities)

Wondering how? Read more here: Work with Patty