Marketing Action Club Mini-conference

1234887_10203728745724795_5871445374266118615_nThursday, December 3rd
Best Western Coquitlam Convention Centre
319 North Rd.

Get expert advice, ideas to grow your business and meet a great group of people. (Also: it will be fun!)

Details & Registration here: Celebration, Connection, Collaboration

Ready to get serious about growing your business?

Success over the long term requires exactly what you would expect: hard work, consistent effort over time and excellent customer service.

It also requires that you get really good at attracting people who need your services and turning them into paying clients.

My business is dedicated to helping you overcome the most frustrating marketing problems:

  • Difficulty finding new clients.
  • Problems explaining what you do in a way that people actually UNDERSTAND.
  • Spending time and money in marketing efforts that don’t pay off. (Websites that don’t work, coffee conversations that go nowhere, blog posts that no one reads and social media updates that get “likes” but don’t lead to sales.)

You will find no shortcuts, blueprints, get-rich-quick schemes or hyped up promises of 6 figure “income explosions.”

What I offer is practical advice and programs – based on sound marketing principles – specifically designed for solo operators who need to make the most of their time and money (and want to market themselves with honesty and integrity.)


The Marketing Action Club: Community, accountability and support


Being independent doesn’t mean you have to do everything alone. Join a growing community of supportive fellow solopreneurs in the Marketing Action Club.

What you get:

  • Weekly group coaching for inspiration and accountability.
  • The entire Marketing Action System
  • A community of like-minded business owners

Click here for full details: Marketing Action Club

When you work alone you really need to connect

The best part of MAC? Just having a CLUB (sense of belonging) that meets regularly every week bright and fairly early Monday morning with mid-week reminders – lots of great discussion and ideas and aha moments. When you work alone you really need to connect with other people trying to move forward with their businesses. Everyone needs a coach, or two!

~ Joanne Wilson, ESLBC