Patty K: Create a YOU-Shaped Business

Because you are not here to fit in a box
(and don’t have to)

You are not a cookie!

You are here to do what YOU want --

Not to be told how to fit your life and business into someone else’s recipe

Creating a business using someone else’s cookie-cutter formula will not create the unique life and business of your dreams.

Someone else’s step-by-step business blueprint will not take into account your dreams and desire to make a difference in the world -- and conforming to that business advice usually requires that you shear off some of your individuality, wants, desires and principles to fit into it.

That’s a THEM-shaped business.

And that is not for you.

Hi, I’m Patty K.

I’m a marketing consultant and business coach.

I specialize in helping unconventional and entrepreneurial women create businesses designed for who they want to be, what they want to contribute and how they want to work and live.

In other words, I help you craft and grow your unique, YOU-Shaped business.

More about me here: About Patty K



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