Business Coaching with Patty K

Guidance, support and accountability to keep you moving forward


Pricing and program options

The quick overview

  • All sessions are via phone or skype
  • Full sessions are 60 minutes unless otherwise noted
  • Accountability calls are 15 minutes

I offer single sessions and 2 program options. Prices and details are all listed on this page.

Not sure what you need?

If you'd like to sample my services first, book a single session and we'll dive right in to whatever you'd like help with. Zero sales pitch.

If you're not sure if I'm the right person for you, book a free discovery call and we'll determine if it's a good fit for us to work together. I don't believe in "selling" - so you won't get any pressure.

I'm also happy to customize a program if what I've outlined doesn't fit what you're looking for!

Single Session

$225 CAD
  • 1 Private 60 Minute Session via phone or skype
  • Call recording for your own private use
  • Ideal for "trying before you buy" or getting assistance with a specific issue. Feel free to bring a list - we can cover a lot of ground in an hour.


3 Month
Starter Program

$1,500 CAD
  • 3 Private Sessions one per month
  • Call recordings for your own private use
  • You Shaped Business Training Program lifetime access, including any future updates
  • Advanced Training Webinars and library of recordings
  • Payment Plan Option: 3 monthly payments of $515
  • Ideal for people who mostly want to work through the materials on their own with some support

6 Month
Full Program

$5,000 CAD
  • 3 hour kickstart planning session to create a plan for our 6 months together
  • 12 Private Sessions one every 2 weeks
  • Call recordings for your own private use
  • 12 Accountability Calls to keep you on track and moving forward between sessions
  • Between session support via email
  • You Shaped Business Training Program lifetime access, including any future updates
  • Advanced Training Webinars and library of recordings
  • Payment Plan Option: 6 monthly payments of $850
  • Ideal for people who want to accelerate progress with a significant amount of support and accountability

Is coaching with me right for you? Here's who I work with

Most of my clients are self-employed professional service providers - coaches, consultants, wellness practitioners, freelancers. My coaching services are fully customized - so I can work with a wide variety of businesses. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

More important than WHAT you do - is HOW you do it. I only work with clients who meet the following 3 criteria.

Your business makes the world a better place

You're in this for more than the money.

You help people or companies become better or you contribute to your local community.

Maybe your business is an expression of you or your life's purpose.

You have values and you run your business by them

You run your business with honesty and integrity.

You believe in taking care of your clients and providing good customer service.

You want to market your business in an honest, ethical way

I'm not a fan of using psychologically manipulative techniques to separate people from their money.

Nor am I big on traditional sales techniques (scripts, pressure, overcoming "objections")

I believe there's a better way - that you can market effectively with honesty, clear communication, empathy, education and generosity.

It's not for everybody - here's who I DON'T work with

You're looking for help with growing a team, legal stuff or accounting systems

I don't work in those areas. I do, however, know people who do! Feel free to contact me for a referral.

You're in a desperate situation and you need to make money immediately

I don't offer magical miracle cures and there are no guarantees.

Your goal is to make millions of dollars selling stuff online or from the stage

The only thing I know about creating a passive income money machine - or about making millions of dollars selling stuff online or from the stage - is that it doesn't work for most people.

You're involved in a business that contravenes my values

I don't work with multi-level marketers, people who put money/success/material possessions above everything else,  businesses that are destructive to the environment or businesses that use shame or manipulation to take advantage of people.

I've chosen to use my "life energy" to help people who are a making a positive difference in the world.

Why get coaching? Here's how it can help.

Accountability to Get Stuff Done

One of the hardest parts of being in business for yourself is the isolation of working on your business alone. When you work with clients, you get appreciation and feedback.

When you work on your own business or marketing? There's no one there to give you feedback or celebrate your accomplishments. It can be hard to stay motivated when no one but you notices or cares about what you're doing.

Outside Perspective

I often say that we "can't read the label on our own jars."

When you are intimately involved in your business and profession - it's easy to forget that people on the outside (your potential clients) don't know what you know.

This makes it really hard to create marketing materials that convey the true value of your service - without "going over the heads" of your clients (slipping into industry jargon that you don't even notice you use)

It also results in a tendency to undervalue your services - or miss opportunities. (When things seem simple and easy to us, we forget that they have value to others!)

New Ideas and Solutions to Problems

When you work on your own, it's easy to get trapped into a box of your own thinking - running the same set of options over and over in your head.

Having someone to brainstorm with and bounce ideas around with can lead to breakthroughs and "I never thought of that!" moments.

Advice and Insight

I've been self-employed for most of my working life (30 years!) in a number of industries. I'm happy to share my experience and willing to answer the question: "So, Patty...what would you do?" (With the full understanding that it's just my perspective and the ultimate decision is YOURS to make.)

I also read a lot and store knowledge like a squirrel stores nuts. So if I don't have direct experience, I often have a resource to send you to. (Or I'll research and find out for you!)

Coaching to Bring out Your Best

I am trained as a solution-focused coach with Erickson.

When coaching, I don't provide advice, ideas or feedback. I use questions and tools to help you get in touch with your own values, preferences, decisions and motivation.

What we do in our time together

3 Hour Planning Session (full program only)

The purpose of this session is to set the context of our work together. It’s a chance for me to really understand what you do, how it helps, who you work with, who you ARE – and how I can best help you.

We'll review and assess where you are now in your business and identify the areas that are working well and the ones that need improvement.

Three hours gives us adequate time and space to brainstorm and think without having to immediately jump into action or make instant decisions.

Full 60 Minute Sessions

Before each appointment, I'll send you an email reminder and a prompt to think about what you'd like to work on.

I recommend that clients start by working through the You Shaped Business Program. This gives us a clear structure for our time together. (The full You Shaped program is included in my 3 and 6 month programs.)

However - this time with me is yours. I'll assist in any way you'd like. It's your business - you decide the agenda.

Here are some of the things we can do on our calls:

Brainstorming & Advice: I'm happy to provide my ideas, my opinions, my perspective. If you're encountering a problem or challenge I can help you come up with ideas to resolve it.

Strengthening Writing: Want to go over your website content, blog post, handout, email, networking introduction? I can help you find the right words to make the message more concise and impactful. (Of all the things I offer, this one is mentioned most often by my clients as being helpful!)

Planning: figuring out the most important steps to take and breaking big projects into manageable chunks.

Coaching: encountering a lack of motivation? Struggling to figure out what you want for your business? In a coaching session, I don't give advice - I ask you questions to help you get your own thoughts straight.

Technical help: I've walked people through updating websites, setting up an email list or a Facebook group.

I record our calls (just for YOUR use) so when the ideas come fast and furious (as they do sometimes) - we won't have to stop the flow to take notes - you can replay the call later.

At the end of each session, you'll choose and set one or more action steps.

Accountability Check-ins

These are quick, 15 minute calls. We will:

  • Review your progress and actions for the past week - did you complete them, did you encounter any issues?
  • Choose and set one or more action steps to complete before our next call

If issues come up, I'll help you resolve them and make a new plan. I'll also cheer for your successes!


Frequently Asked Questions

None of your packages really seem right for me. Do you offer anything else?

I'm happy to mix and match to create a custom package for you. Fill out the form below and we'll discuss your exact needs.

Can I hire you to write for me? Or create a website?

Maybe. I take a on limited number of projects like this each year. Fill in the form below and we'll chat.

Do you work with other business coaches?

YES. I do work with other business coaches! (And as a client, are welcome to copy the general structure I've created. I will happily answer any questions you have about my business and share my systems, ideas and documents.)

Have a question I haven't answered?

Contact me and ask away!

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