Free Planning Video

Make this year your best ever

What you'll do

  • Assess your sales and marketing process and determine the best areas to focus on
  • Choose the 3 most impactful things you can do this year
  • Make a plan to get them done
  • Create a weekly "Big Rocks" schedule so you make progress on your goals

What you'll get

  • Workshop recording (one hour video)
  • Assessment worksheet and calendar template

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Patty K's planning workshop was AH-MAZ-ING!

Great tips, great worksheets. Also, get onto her website and use all her templates. They are well executed and tremendously helpful!


Note: this is a real workshop, not an infomercial

Bring a pen, print out the worksheets and come prepared to work.

This is not a barely disguised sales pitch. I take about 2 minutes at the very end to remind you that I offer coaching services and a course: The YOU Shaped Business Program