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Yay! It’s Monday!
I really enjoy my Monday mornings now because of your webinars.

Gill McCulloch, Safe + Sound First Aid

Break the isolation and get stuff done

Find it easy to do work for your clients - but procrastinating on the stuff you know you need to do for your OWN business?

Feeling lonely and isolated in your home office?

Looking for some constructive, action-oriented companionship - instead of easy distractions?

Join the club. Literally. 🙂

Here's what we do...

Monday Morning Motivation Calls

Get your week off to a running start! Every Monday morning at 10:00 am Pacific, join me online for a live webinar.

We’ll start with celebrations and wins. (All via text chat - you won't be on camera!)

Then you’ll get a short educational snippet about business, marketing or motivation.

At the end of the meeting, you'll be invited to post what you're going to do for the coming week on our private Facebook group.

Calls are no longer than 30 minutes so you can get inspired, get moving…and get on with your day!

Facebook Community

The purpose of the group?

  • Encouragement and accountability - post what you're going to do and what you've completed. Cheer each other on!
  • Connection and networking - meet other heart-centered, ethical business people - ask for help, give and receive advice.

We'll have some facilitated activities and a chance to share what you're doing (offers, blog posts, social media profiles, etc.)

What we won't have is a barrage of advertisements or distractions.

There's no charge to join - simply enter your name and email address below: