Summer Action & Accountability Circle

Avoid the summer slump and stay in momentum

Taking the summer off? You're probably not here reading this...

Find it hard to motivate yourself at the best of times - nevermind summer?

Whew! Glad to know it's not just me. 🙂 about we all get together and motivate each other?

Join me from July 17th through August 25th for accountability, action, and...cocktails?

Break the isolation. Meet new people. Get support, encouragement and inspiration.

If you're a Type A hustle hustle hustle're not here either!

I read recently that only 10% of people have that Self Motivating Type A Hustle Hustle Hustle personality.

While I have no idea whether or not that stat is true - what I do know is that I wasn't blessed with that trait! (And I've had enough conversations with clients and colleagues to know that I'm not alone!)

When I have a group of people relying on me to show up...I get stuff done. And when I don't? Squirrel!

If you're brave enough to admit that that's you too....welcome! I made this for me you.

Execute your ambitious plans...or simply stay in motion

You may be looking at the slower summer season as an opportunity to tackle an ambitious project (like a new service offering, an online program or workshop, a book or a new website) so that you're ready to go for fall.

Or maybe you want to take it slower through the summer, but still keep some steady momentum so you won't feel like you're "starting over" when September rolls around.

If you're more inspired to work when you have company, this is for you!

6 weeks of working alone - together

Here's what the program includes.

Face to Face Virtual Meetings

We'll be using Zoom meeting - which means we'll see each other's faces and hear each other's voices. It's like a live networking event - except you don't have to leave the house or wear pants.

(If you've ever thought of adding something like this to YOUR business - this is a great opportunity to try out the technology.)

Monday Action Meetings: Set your priorities for the week

July 17 - August 21 (Aug 7 holiday Monday meeting will be on Tuesday, Aug 8)

We'll meet at 10:00 am Pacific time. Purpose of the meeting:

  • Set and share your top 3 priorities for the week
  • Get encouraged and inspired to take action

Don't let the frogs win!

Friday Frog Buster Sessions: Working alone...together

July 21 - August 25

We'll meet again on Fridays at 10:00 am Pacific to commit to actions for that day.

Then we'll "work alone together" to achieve them - posting regular checkins and encouragement in our private Facebook group.

Use the time to complete any outstanding tasks - especially the more difficult frog-like items on your list.

Done with your commitments? Take this opportunity to blow through those boring administrative tasks you've been putting off.

And when we're done...

Celebrate and Network!

We'll wind up the day with a 4:00 virtual cocktail hour networking session to celebrate a week of accomplishment. (The networking is virtual - the cocktails can be real.)

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Questions + Answers

Q: I've never used Zoom. What do I need for equipment? What if I can't get it to work?

A: Zoom is super easy to use and it works with computers, androids and iphones. You can get tech answers here: Zoom.

If you're concerned about the technology, shoot me an email ( and we'll set up a time to talk and test it.

Q: I will be away for part of the time. Do I have to show up every week?

A: Nope. Drop in and drop out in whatever way works for you and your schedule. Showing up to a Monday meeting after returning from holidays can be a quick way to get back into action.

Q: This seems like a lot of meetings. Do I have to attend BOTH Monday and Friday?

A: Nope. Participate in the way that best suits you and your business. The intention of this group is to provide support, structure and encouragement. Some people will get the best support by attending every meeting - others will be better supported by dipping in when their motivation flags.

Pants optional. (Just make sure your camera is focused above your waist.)

Q: Do I have to show up on video?

A: The short answer is No. You can attend by phoning in. However...I'd encourage you to connect via video. It really helps to build relationships and get to know each other. (Also: I totally GET this. I've resisted video for years. If you're shy about video, this can be a great opportunity to get past that!)

Q: Do I have to get dressed up to attend?

A: If you're one of those people who feels more motivated when they "dress for work" - then I'd encourage you to do so.

I'm not one of those people, so I'll be showing up in shorts and a t-shirt. Official dress code is "home office casual."

Q: Will the meetings be recorded?

A: Nope. What happens in the meeting...stays in the meeting. Think about it like attending a live in-person networking event. The value comes from showing up.

Q: Will you be playing along?

A: Yes! I'll be sharing my weekly action items and working alongside you on Fridays. So this is also a chance to get a "behind the scenes" look at what I'm doing in my business this summer - in case you're into that sort of thing.

Q: Will you be doing this again?

A: Maybe, but nothing is planned at this point. This is an experiment. If it goes well, I may run it again. If no one signs up...well...back to the drawing board.

Have a question I haven't answered? Contact me!

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