Do your thing. Make a great living. Change the world.

Want to build a thriving business following your calling to change the world - without resorting to unethical sales tactics? You're in the right place!

Hello! I'm Patty K.

Here's my idealistic wish for the world:

  • That we all have the opportunity to do the work we are meant to do. To use our skills and talents to do work that lights us up.
  • That we make a GOOD living doing so - instead of opting for something less interesting/inspiring, but pays more money.
  • That everyone's work contribution makes the world a better place. That we each play our small role in changing the world.

More details about what this means here: my mission to change the world through business.

My own work lies in helping self-employed professionals with the "make a good living" part.

I help my clients clarify their message, develop awesome services and build a marketing system for their business based on honesty, empathy and education.

Work with Me

Short-term highly-focused collaborations to complete the projects that will move your business forward.

Marketing Plan

Get crystal clear about exactly what you need to do to attract strangers and turn them into clients.


Let's find the words to talk about your business so that potential clients listen, understand and buy.


Get your wisdom out of your head and into a workshop, webinar or digital product.

Do it yourself

Get affordable help with my book or the matching 12 module step-by-step video program.

Marketing can be challenging and uncomfortable when the product is YOU.

Discover how to:

  • Skip self-promotion and instead, market yourself by being helpful
  • Find clients who need and want your services, instead of trying to convince people to work with you
  • Explain what you do in a way that turns strangers into clients
  • Make it easy for clients to buy so you don't have to sell
  • Have a sales conversation that feels more like counselling or coaching
  • Stand out from the competition by being yourself

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Marketing with Maslow – a way to identify and speak to your ideal clients

By Patty | August 20, 2018

Effective marketing is client-centered. Here’s a tool that can help you tap into your Ideal Clients’ internal motivations and speak directly to them.

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You belong: a letter to the world

By Patty | August 10, 2018

If you feel different, like you don’t fit in, that you don’t belong, that you’re not enough: I wrote this is for you – my fellow weirdos and chickens.

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Autonomy, purpose and mastery are crucial to your business. Here’s why…

By Patty | August 9, 2018

Building your own business takes hard work, perseverance and self-motivation. Learn how autonomy, purpose and mastery can be used to help you succeed.

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