You don't have to do this biz thing alone

Get the support and accountability you need to succeed
(and can do it YOUR way)

The self-employment paradox: we crave the freedom...then wither in isolation

Ever feel like this in your home-based business?

We're smart. We have ideas. We’re independent and want to call the shots and do things our way and mostly by ourselves.

Yet isolation is our biggest nemesis.

When we work alone - for ourselves and by ourselves - we miss out on the perspective, ideas, feedback, accountability and inspiration that comes from being part of a team.

Isolation also leads to procrastination and self-doubt - making it extra hard to take the actions we need to take in order to succeed.

If you're not one of those Self-Driven Hustle Hustle Hustle Type A personalities - you might start to think that you don't "have what it takes" to be in business. (You may even have been told that before.)

It's possible to succeed on your own terms (even if you're more of a laid back "Type B" like me). It's OK to get help and support. And business coaching doesn't need to look like someone else's cookie cutter blueprint of ethically questionable sales tactics.

Hi, I’m Patty K.

I’m a business coach/consultant and educator.

I specialize in supporting ethically-minded solo business people to bring their unique gifts to the world through businesses designed for who they want to be, what they want to contribute and how they want to work and live.

More about me here: About Patty K


Programs, Services & Events

2018 Business Support Group (online)

Education, support and accountability. Ideal for new businesses. Affordably priced.

Private Biz Coaching with Patty K

6 months of collaboration. It's like having a temporary business partner.

Free 2018 Planning Workshop

Set goals, assess your current situation and make a plan for next year.

How to create an ethical sales and marketing system for your business

By Patty K | November 22, 2017

You don’t need to use shady, manipulative tactics to sell your services. Make it easy for your potential clients to buy by implementing this 4 step system.

Are unrealistic expectations getting in the way of your success?

By Patty K | November 15, 2017

Get Rich Quick promises still work. We’re surrounded by them. When reality doesn’t match the fantasy, the discouragement can derail your business.

What do you write in an email newsletter?

By Patty K | November 8, 2017

What separates newsletters that get read (and acted on) from newsletters that get deleted? What I learned by analyzing several of my favourite newsletters to see what made them so effective and engaging.

Downloadable Courses

Interactive video training with worksheets - for about the same price as a book

Plan for Success

A 3 part program to help you set the foundation for a successful solo business.

Your Next Clients

A 3 part program to help you create and implement an ethical sales and marketing system.