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To celebrate my upcoming book release, I'm offering 10 free online workshops from Feb 19 - Mar 2

Patty K: marketing help for self-employed professionals

I work with self-employed professionals to help them clarify their message and build a marketing strategy for their business based on honesty, empathy and education.

If the service you offer is truly valuable to your clients, "selling" is not necessary. You simply need to make it easy to buy.

Like most simple solutions, this is easier said than done - but the good news is that it relies on the skills and strengths you already have - and you don't need to do anything slimy or manipulative.

In the words of one of my clients: "Wow, Patty. This is more like counselling than selling. I love it!"

I offer free marketing classes, private coaching/consulting and writing services and an affordable small group program.

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Private coaching: program your business for success

A 6 month collaboration to design, develop and implement a custom tailored marketing system for your business.

3 Month YOU-Shaped Group Coaching Program

Create a custom marketing system for your business. Get better and more consistent with your marketing.

12 weeks of education, group coaching and accountability - all for an affordable price.

Starts April 10th

Free marketing classes, videos and worksheets

Learn how to attract strangers who need your services and turn them into paying clients.

New classes every month. No charge. No pitch. No catch.

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