Get your wisdom out of your head and into the world

Marketing strategy, websites, email funnels, and thought leadership content development services for coaches and consultants

Build your reputation as a trusted advisor with high quality thought leadership marketing

I specialize in working with business coaches, consultants, advisors to help them design and implement a marketing strategy centred on the substance of their work.

Taking a thought leadership approach to marketing can:

  • Shorten sales cycles and bring you qualified, ready-to-buy prospects
  • Increase your profile and reputation leading to more opportunities (for clients, partnerships, speaking and interviews)
  • Make your prospecting and networking more effective by providing your prospects with compelling information about you and your services so that they can "check you out" (and be impressed!) before agreeing to a meeting
  • Smooth out feast and famine cycles with always-on automated drip systems and regularly published content that continues to market for you - even when you are swamped with clients and projects

Save time and eliminate the hassle of managing multiple freelancers

You work with me directly. For everything. A single point of contact and a single point of accountability.

I collaborate with you on overall strategy, make sure your messaging stays aligned across all your tactics, and monitor and report results so that we can continue to improve.

I do some of the implementation work myself (the stuff I'm best at) and I also work closely with a small number of highly skilled freelancers and fellow experts who do things that I don't do.

From your perspective, it feels like you're working with one superhero marketing octopus. Every piece of work that is created for you goes through me for proofing and tweaking before it gets to you.

Get content and copy that sounds as smart as you are and reflects your professionalism

You talk. I write.

I am known for my ability to capture my clients' voice and personality - and to distill the essence of their message.

If you want to be seen as a trusted advisor, your website, downloadable documents, blog posts, e-books, presentations, and social media posts need to reflect your level of professionalism and expertise.

Every piece of content you put out is a sample of your work. Show your prospective clients marketing materials that accurately reflect what they can expect when you work together.



Advisory only or completely done-for-you

Strategy, Messaging & Brand Story

Clarify your messaging. Create an overarching marketing strategy. Turn your years of experience and earned wisdom into a proprietary signature process.

Websites and Email Funnels

Automate your marketing with a trusted advisor website and personalized email funnels. Create a marketing system designed to match your future clients' buying journey.

Thought Leadership Content Marketing

Build your reputation with insightful and educational content marketing. Blog posts, articles, social media, webinars, speaking, interviews, podcasts and e-books.

Free E-Book: the Trusted Advisor Marketing Machine

Modern marketing is complex. It requires a solid strategy, clear and impactful messaging and the right technical pieces - pulled together into a well-oiled machine.

Trusted Advisors need a specific approach to marketing. Discover:

  • What makes a trusted advisor marketing machine work (hint: it's not technology)
  • How to incorporate story into your messaging (most coaches get this wrong)
  • How to use thought leadership as the core of your marketing strategy so that you become known and hired for the substance of your work
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Patty is a wordsmith extraordinaire, who
has the uncanny ability to craft a
personalized message that is clear, witty
AND appealing

Patty helped me craft my message for my website, my public
presentations and my marketing collateral.

Patty is a wordsmith extraordinaire, who has the uncanny ability to
craft a personalized message that is clear, witty & appealing.

I always felt understood & supported by Patty in my own endeavours
to make a difference in our world, and that meant a lot to me.

I highly recommend Patty for her vast knowledge, her professionalism,
her quick, competent mind, and her effective and solution-focused

Thank you for all your heartfelt support & competent advice, Patty!”

~ Monika Becker, Clear Directions Coaching

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Hi, I’m Patty

I was that weird kid that asked everyone to shush because the commercials were on.

Looking back it was clear that I was destined to work in marketing at some point.

My background, along with 30+ years as a self employed professional makes me uniquely qualified to do the work I do.

I work closely with a small number of trusted advisor clients - offering a service that is more than freelance consulting, yet smaller than an agency.

My mission in business is to help smart people share their wisdom with the world.


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