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Stand out from the competition. Convey your true value. Attract more clients and make more sales.

Effective marketing requires clear and compelling communication.

This requires a combination of:

Clarity: about the problems you solve, the results you deliver and how you deliver your services

Strategy: identifying who will buy, articulating what sets you apart and developing a system to take people from "never heard of you" to "happy paying client"

Words: creating the written content, presentations and conversational scripts you need to market and sell your services

You'd think it would be easy to talk about your own business, but it's not.

Does any of this sound familiar? My clients have described the frustration like this:

  • It's a jumble of words and thoughts in my head and I just can't get it down on paper
  • I can't summarize what I do in 30 seconds! It's not that simple - my business is complicated or complex
  • I'm embarrassed to admit that I've been in this business for 5 years and I still can't answer the "what do you do?" question
  • My website project has been on hold for months because they're waiting for the "content" and I just don't know what to write

Communication is EVERYTHING when it comes to sales and marketing

Without the right words, your potential clients will:

  • Ignore your advertising, delete your email and toss your brochure or letter into the trash
  • Click away from your website (or choose your competition in a side-by-side comparison)
  • Say they need to "think about it" then disappear
  • Walk away confused after your presentation (wasting your opportunity to talk about your business in front of a group of ideal clients)
  • Tell the person who referred you that "they don't think it's a good fit" (even though you would be PERFECT for them)
  • Make their buying decision based on price instead of value (and there is always someone cheaper)

If you'd like some help, contact me for a free consultation - or check out my services below.

Strategy, planning and implementation

Let's collaborate to develop a strategy, create a marketing plan and execute it step-by-step

Copywriting and web content

Get marketing materials and website content that capture the awesomeness of what you offer

Instructional design and course creation

Get your wisdom out of your head and into a course, workshop or webinar

Hi...I'm Patty K

Professionally, I'm a writer, speaker and marketing consultant.

I've been self-employed for most of my working life - primarily as a freelance "computer geek"- which gave me a lot of experience and insight into "selling stuff that people don't get."

Personally, I'm an idealist who believes that we can change the world through business - both through what we do (offering products and services that make a positive difference) - and how we do it (ethically and honestly.)

As a life-long learner and "personal development junkie" - I understand, value and buy the types of services that my clients offer. Imagine that! Getting marketing advice from your ideal client!

More about me here: About


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