Let's change the world of business for good

Do you believe it's possible for good people to do good things - and make a good living while doing it?

That you can sell and market with honesty, integrity and respect?

I do.

And I dream of a world where business is a force for good.

Join me?


Patty K is an interesting combination of business acumen, tech savvy and a barrel full of monkeys. She is precise and concise and fun.

~ Amanda O’Leary

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Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

My vision: a world filled with people who are using their gifts and talents to serve others – and are being paid (well) to do so.

I always suggest that people get clear about WHY they’re in the business they’re in.

Here’s my answer:

I believe we can change the world through business.

I believe that change is a grassroots thing…it starts with individuals. And I believe that independent businesses – from solo-practitioners to larger more socially and environmentally aware organizations – are at the centre of these changes.

We can move from the current business default of greed and accumulation of wealth and work towards a society of independent growth seeking business owners. Where caring for the planet and each other is respected and rewarded. Where business is conducted with honesty and integrity and a desire to serve.

Every successful coach, counsellor, educator and healer can make a positive impact on the lives of dozens of individuals. Or more.

And each of those individuals will positively influence the people around them.

THIS is how we’re going to change the world.

It’s my mission to help the helpers be successful with their businesses.

I want to live in a world filled with people who are using their gifts and talents to serve others – and being paid (well) to do so.

Skills & Experience: What you get when you hire me


Business Experience

I've been self-employed or a small business owner for most of my working life. My first business was a video store - back in the 80s. I had a real estate office in the 90s. I freelanced as a software developer, technical trainer and e-learning specialist.

Technical Skills

I'm a systems analyst by trade. I started programming computers back in the mid-80s when I wrote a video store management system. I'm a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer and Database Administrator. I've been developing websites since 1994.

Communication Skills

I write website content, articles, speeches and presentations. I develop courses and workshops. I teach. I taught systems administration and e-learning at Royal Roads University. I was a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

What this means to you if you work with me

  • You get ideas and suggestions from a wide variety of businesses - from a perspective of real world experience
  • You get help with the technology you need to run your business: websites, mailing lists, automated emails, paypal buttons, webinars, social media, etc.
  • You get help developing clear marketing messages through your website and marketing materials, networking introduction, presentations, etc.

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