You're in business to make a difference

I'm here to help

Who I work with and how I help

Creative freedom seekers and transformational helpers

I'm here to serve those of us who simply want to do our thing in our own way - and earn a decent living doing so.

  • You're building a business that is an expression of yourself: your unique blend of skills, experience and talent...
  • Your reasons for self-employment include things like creativity, freedom and personal growth...
  • You desire to really serve people - to help, to contribute, to make a difference in the world...
  • You live and run your business according to your values and want to practice honest and ethical sales & marketing...

You offer unique, complex or hard to explain services

Find it impossible to summarize what you do in a 30 second elevator pitch? You're in good company. (I can't do it either. Unique businesses don't fit the traditional mould. Also: elevator pitches are over-rated.)

I work with unique people with unique businesses. My clients:

  • Have complex or "hard to explain" businesses - due to a different approach, a combination of services or a proprietary system
  • Do transformational work - help people or companies become better versions of themselves - coaches, counsellors, consultants, trainers, wellness practitioners
  • Offer new or non-traditional services - including those who blend alternative health, spirituality or energy work into their offers

The problem? You're offering something amazing and life-altering and people don't GET it

Nothing is more frustrating than KNOWING that you can help people, seeing so many people who need what you have to offer...and yet...not being able to reach them or clearly communicate your value.


It's enough to make you doubt your decision to go into business for yourself and consider getting a J-O-B. Until you remember the commute, the shitty hours, the cubicle, the meaningless you are.

At the core of this challenge lie 3 problems:

  • Not reaching the right people. Coffee meetings that go nowhere. Free sessions with people who can’t afford or don’t want what you offer. Wasted hours trying to persuade people to work with you.
  • Not having the right words. Getting flustered when asked about what you do. Not being able to clearly explain your services. Feeling awkward about sales conversations or asking for money. Website and brochure content that does a poor job of selling your awesomeness. Blank page head smash syndrome. Boink!
  • Not having a system. Potential clients “falling through the cracks” because you don’t have a system to get back to them. Waiting for people to contact you or get back to you. Knowing you should “follow up” but not sure what to say or how to do it.

Does all that make you want to sigh? Go ahead. I hear that breathing is good for you. Then keep reading...we can make this all better.

Do it YOUR way - in accordance with your ethics, values, preferences...and personality

I don't do cookie-cutter programs with a "done for you" blueprint. I support you to create your own, unique vision for how you want your business to be (and how you want to BE in your business.)

Whether you work with me privately or take my training program, we follow the same steps. Although the process is the same for everyone - the end results are different for every client.

Here's what we'll do:

1. Identify the people who truly want and need (and VALUE) what you have to offer.

You are a special snowflake. You and your services aren't for everyone - and the LAST thing you want to do is waste your time trying to persuade uninterested people to work with you.

Let's figure out who's itching to buy from you and where to find them.

2. Create unique service offers that are exactly what your ideal clients are looking for

Now that you've identified "your people" - the next step is to package your services in a way that solves a problem they have or helps them get what they want.

No one wants "coaching" or "sessions" or a specific "modality" - they want the results they'll get from working with you.

3. Find the right words to clearly explain what you do for people

This is the hardest part and the most critical. If they "don't get it" they won't buy.

You want to feel confident and concise when talking about your services.

  • Have the answer to "so...what do you do?" simply roll off your tongue.
  • Experience "sales" as an easy, friendly conversation.
  • Develop website content that speaks directly to the people you want to serve and inspires potential clients to pick up the phone and call you.

4. Develop a repeatable process for attracting the attention of the people who need your services and turning them into paying clients.

This client acquisition process has 4 parts:

  1. A way to "get the word out" about your business to new people who may need your services
  2. The marketing materials and information potential clients need to make a decision to hire you
  3. An invitation to speak with you about your services
  4. Follow up and keep in touch systems that don't let potential clients slip through the cracks

Once you have something that works, you can refine the process so it becomes more effective and takes less time. Then you work the system.

And that's it.

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Coaching, Consulting and Writing Services

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I offer customized packages based on your needs and budget.

3 Month Group Coaching Program

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12 weekly action meetings and 6 focused group coaching sessions - all for an affordable price.

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Free marketing classes, videos and worksheets

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The YOU-Shaped Biz Course

A DIY program of videos, worksheets and assignments to help you define what you want; decide what success looks like for you; and then jumpstart your YOU-Shaped business.

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