Patty K is an interesting combination of business acumen, tech savvy and a barrel full of monkeys. She is precise and concise and fun.

~ Amanda O’Leary

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Hey there...nice to meet you!

Hi...I'm Patty.

Yesterday, someone asked me what I do best. I told them that I "write" - but that doesn't really get to the heart of what I actually do.

I'd say I function as a "conduit."

I listen and ask questions and seek to fully understand what my clients do for their clients. I pull out the underlying magic, the value, the hard-to-explain nuances, the "secret sauce"

Then I organize it all, make a fancy diagram and put it into writing.

This written output could be website copy, a presentation or speech, a program or course or workshop - or just some sentences you can use in casual conversation about your business.

The official stuff. Experience and credentials.

A client once said: "I think Patty is gifted at this" - referring to my ability to pull a clear and concise message from a rambling and jargon-laden presentation.

I believe that to be true. My personality type is INTP - and the joy I derive from my work is well-described in this quote I saw on Quora:

"INTPs feel valued when other people seek them out for their ability to analyze and apply structured logic to novel situations or ideas."

Actual picture of me in 1989, racing with my husband to see who could assemble their computer first.

So partly, what I bring to the table is how I'm naturally wired - to always look for order and patterns and meaning.

The rest of it comes from a mix of education and direct experience: I've been a small business owner or self-employed professional for most of my working life.

My first business was a video store.

I operated a small real estate agency with one of my former husbands. I was a licensed Realtor.

I freelanced as a programmer, technical trainer, web developer, instructional designer and copywriter.

I built my first website in 1994. True + fun story: when I showed it to my client, he asked me to show him how to fax it to people. 🙂

For the past 7 years, I've offered writing, website development, coaching and consulting services.

I wrote a book! The YOU-Shaped Business: authentic marketing for solo-entrepreneurs.

As a lifelong learner, I invest thousands of dollars every year into books, courses, workshops and coaching programs. (If you offer these kinds of programs and services...imagine getting marketing help from your ideal client!)

Here are some highlights:

Microsoft Certified Trainer: taught network and database administration to mid-life career changers. In other words, very geeky technical courses to people who were not necessarily technically savvy (or in some cases even comfortable using computers.) This challenged me to get very good at explaining complicated concepts in plain language.

Instructional designer and distance learning researcher at Royal Roads University: developed Introduction to SQL course and E-learning Systems Analysis course. I also helped develop a web application for creating and delivering courses online. Working closely with Doctors of Education, I learned a LOT about creating classroom and online training for adult learners of various learning styles.

Memorable advice from a creepy sales trainer: "be so annoying and persistent that they'd rather buy than spend one more minute with you"

Erickson Coach Training: Art & Science of Coaching: intensive training in solution-focused coaching, including 128 hours of Accredited Coach Specific Training. My big takeaway from this training: I'm not built to be a coach. My skills lie in writing, consulting and training.

Toastmasters International: member from 1998 - current. Hold DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster) - the highest achievement award. Served as Public Relations Manager for District 21 (all of BC at the time). Competed at District level in both Humourous and International Speech Contests.

Approximately a million gazillion sales and marketing programs. A few of them were really good. Most of them were disappointing. The 1980s sales training was downright scarring. The decent ones all boiled down to some version of the following: understand who is going to buy from you, clearly communicate how what you're offering will help them...then ask them to buy it.

Which sounds deceptively easy. In practice it's very difficult to do because we lack perspective - we "can't read the label on our own jar" - and that's where I come in. I'm really good at reading your "list of ingredients" and coming up with the snazzy words to have your jar stand out on the shelf.

A few tidbits about me

Me in my home office with my "assistant" Brodie.

I run my one-person company from a spare room in my home.

I was once asked for some background information for a podcast interview - the person suggested that maybe I could get my assistant to send it.

I thought this suggestion was hilarious seems my "assistant" (a poodle-mix rescue named Brodie) was on the floor sleeping in front of the fireplace at the time.

At a networking event I attended recently, we were asked to share something "fascinating" about ourselves.

I said that I like broccoli. Which I do...but still...fascinating? Surely I can do better than that!

Seems you scrolled all the way to the bottom to get to know me, I'll try.

I hate being asked about hobbies - because I don't do anything exciting. (Unless you find reading exciting - which I do.)

In case that bit about "liking to read" didn't give it away, I am an introvert. (INTP)

People are often surprised to hear that seems I'm not shy about public speaking and I can be quite gregarious around people I know. But put me in a room full of people I don't know and I'll disappear (sometimes literally.)

Sunsets and margaritas, they said. Let me tell you about the "Cove of Broken Dreams"

I once sold everything I owned and ran off with a boy to go sailing (after only 6 days of sailing lessons.) Worst mistake and regret of my life. "No one died" is the best I can say about it.

10 years ago, I spent a summer performing standup comedy. Cheaper than therapy, but not very lucrative. (I made a grand total of $75 and 4 drink tickets.)

Before starting this business, I tried a harebrained scheme to become the world's first and only pajama-wearing motivational speaker. This actually worked well on some levels and there are times when I wish I never gave it up. (Like any time I am required to wear pants to something.)

Mostly I feel content and grateful. I love my life, my work and my clients. I find it amazing that I can work from home and serve clients all over the world (7 countries at last count!)

And as sexy as that all sounds - I'm just me - a human in Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada - and I'd love to connect with you.

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