Looking for a collaborative partner to look after your marketing?

You've found your secret weapon*

Hi, I’m Patty

"It slices! It dices! It cuts that roast beef so thin your in-laws will never come back."

Other kids played baseball or pretended to be super-heroes.

I made up advertisements and memorized commercials.

Looking back it was clear that I was destined to work in marketing at some point.

But I took a circuitous route to get here. (See below for some highlights.)

My background, along with 30+ years as a self-employed professional makes me uniquely qualified to do the work I do.

My mission in business is to help smart people share their wisdom with the world.


My business model: more than a consultant less than an agency

You work with me directly. For everything. A single point of contact and a single point of accountability.

I collaborate with you on overall strategy, make sure your messaging stays aligned across all your tactics, and monitor and report results so that we can continue to improve.

I do some of the implementation work myself (the stuff I'm best at) and I also work closely with a small number of highly skilled freelancers who do things that I don't do (like graphic design.)

I also collaborate with fellow experts on larger technical undertakings like SEO and PPC.

From your perspective, it feels like you're working with one superhero marketing octopus. Every piece of work that is created for you goes through me first.

This is a business model that I consciously chose for myself because it best suits who I am and how I want to work. I work closely with a small number of clients and I have no aspiration to "scale" into a big agency.

I also offer advisory-only services to people who want to do this themselves but would like some expert guidance, outside perspective, and feedback.

Effective marketing lives at the intersection of strategy, communication, and technology

My background makes me uniquely qualified to do the work I do


Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant

As a Certified Duct Tape Marketing Consultant, I’m part of a worldwide network of marketing professionals who advocate for strategy and communication over the “trend of the day” and I am licensed to use their proven tools and strategies.


Former Systems Analyst, Programmer & Technical Trainer

I was a systems analyst and programmer for 20+ years.

I've been building websites since 1994 and working with online marketing technology since the early 2000s. Although I no longer consider myself a "techie," my background knowledge comes in handy all the time. Modern marketing uses a LOT of technology.


E-Learning &
Instructional Design

In the early 2000s I developed an online e-learning authoring tool for the distance learning research department at Royal Roads University.

Working closely with Doctors of Education, I learned about Bloom's Taxonomy and creating classroom and online training for adult learners of various learning styles.

I was subsequently invited to design and deliver a graduate course on E-Learning Systems Analysis.

book cover

Writer (Author!)

I wrote a book! The YOU-Shaped Business: authentic marketing for solo-entrepreneurs.

I went into this project thinking that writing a book couldn't be all that different from writing a long blog post. I was surprised at exactly how wrong I was!


Life Coach Training

I’m a graduate of Erickson’s Art & Science of Coaching program

This is an intensive training in solution-focused coaching, including 128 hours of Accredited Coach Specific Training.

My big takeaway from this training: I’m not built to be a coach. My skills lie in writing, consulting and training.

Having the training has been super helpful for understanding my coach clients.


Life long student of “how to communicate better with people”

I’m a lifelong learner with a strong interest in communication & leadership skills, personal growth and psychology.

Dale Carnegie, Toastmasters, life coach training, counsellor training, presentation skills training, sales & marketing training - I’ve even taken stand up comedy courses (and performed in pubs in front of drunk people!)

I’m currently studying sketchnoting and visual thinking (using a combination of words and images to communicate.)


Secret Weapon?

This is my archetype from Sally Hogshead's Fascination brand personality test.

It confirms that I'm a deep-thinking introvert who is best suited to working quietly behind the scenes.

A Bit About Me Personally

I live in a little place called Prince Rupert on the north west coast of British Columbia, Canada. (aka: upper left-hand side of nowhere)

My partner and I are guardians (pet parents) to Brodie, Jackson and Oscar.

Because they are all *exceptionally* talented, I put them to work in my business.

Brodie: Chief Security Officer


Jackson: TPS Reports Supervisor


Oscar: Zoom Call Co-host

Another tough day at the office