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Which advisory practice business model fits you best?

There are 2 paths for growing your advisory practice. Neither is right or wrong. But combining them leads to problems and frustrations.

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How many leads do you (really) need?

The IDEA that you need LOTS of leads comes from marketing experts who work with high volume businesses. Here’s a different perspective.

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Next-Level Webinars: 7 Tips for Crafting Extraordinary Video Presentations

7 tips to elevate your presentations above the usual. Added bonus? These make presentations easier to put together and more fun to deliver.

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It’s 2023. Do I still need a website?

Clients have been asking me this for 10 years now.If you are a business advisor, coach, or consultant, my answer is still YES. Here’s why…

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7 types of content every trusted advisor needs to create

Here are 7 types of content that will help you build a trusted relationship with your audience and position you as an advisor

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You don’t need MORE content; you need BETTER content

In an environment overflowing with low quality content, the way to compete is through quality. Here are some thoughts on how to do that.

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How to choose the right lead magnet/opt-in offer for your coaching or advisory practice

Your lead magnet or opt-in offer is a critical component in a trusted advisor marketing strategy. Here are my 2 go-options.

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How to get great testimonials (the kind that sell for you)

Great testimonials can provide social proof, boost credibility and overcome objections. They can do the selling for you! Here’s how to get them.

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Why writing marketing stuff feels so hard (and what to do about it)

Feeling blocked or frustrated trying to write your website content, your social media profiles or other marketing materials? This will help.

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Free E-Book: the Trusted Advisor Marketing Machine

Modern marketing is complex. It requires a solid strategy, clear and impactful messaging and the right technical pieces - pulled together into a well-oiled machine.

Trusted Advisors need a specific approach to marketing. Discover:

  • What makes a trusted advisor marketing machine work (hint: it's not technology)
  • How to incorporate story into your messaging (most coaches get this wrong)
  • How to use thought leadership as the core of your marketing strategy so that you become known and hired for the substance of your work
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