How do I get better clients?

How to approach marketing when you want advanced-level, committed, willing-to-go-deep clients. Examples and tips about what to do – and what NOT to do.

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Burger flipping, life energy and starting with why

Simon Sinek suggests that we start with why – this is a story about why I do what I do – and the book that changed my life.

Want more referrals or word-of-mouth business? Start here.

Repeat clients, referrals and word-of-mouth begin with a service worth talking about. 5 simple tips to increase word-of-mouth and a story about a vet, a dog and a FedEx driver. And cute doggy pictures!

How to overcome fear and build confidence

Everything you want in business or life lies on the other side of fear. On today’s episode of the YOU-Shaped Business Show, our topic is fear: how it affects our decisions and how to overcome it.

My crazypants 6-week Facebook Live experiment

I decided to try a 6 week experiment: 30 episodes of the YOU-Shaped Business Show – delivered via Facebook Live. Today’s topics: what is a YOU-Shaped business? What the show is about. Watch the video or read the show summary.

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How to make $100K per year (or more) as a self-employed professional

It’s not guaranteed. It may not be quick or easy. But it’s possible. Here’s an honest overview of the five steps you need to take.

Has the ship for selling high-priced infoproducts and online courses sailed?

The ship for selling higher-priced information products has sailed. Teaching is the new marketing. Companies are offering free high quality courses in order to sell products and services. Here’s why this is great news if you’re a coach, consultant, freelancer or practitioner.

Would your business be more successful if someone else ran it?

Lack of perspective makes it really challenging to make an honest assessment of your strengths and weaknesses in order to locate issues in your business (or life!) and make a plan to fix them. Here are some questions to help shed some light.

How to create an ethical sales and marketing system for your business

You don’t need to use shady, manipulative tactics to sell your services. Make it easy for your potential clients to buy by implementing this 3 step system.