The secret to overcoming your fears

In honour of Halloween…I’m going to share something that took me years of effort and thousands of dollars to discover. To get over your fears, you need to do the thing you’re afraid of.

Pajama experiment results: 9/10 speakers surveyed sleep naked

Ever wonder what it would be like to wear your pajamas to a professional event? I found out!

Announcing my intention, asking for what I want and doing it all wrong

Ack. Even the title makes me want to run and hide under the bed (if I had a bed, that is). Why is it that I can publicly proclaim that I fucked up my life, that I struggle with depression and tend to drink a tad much…but when it comes to making a simple announcement…

How I learned to stop worrying and love the phone

OK. That’s a complete lie. I don’t love the phone, I just thought the title was clever. I actually wrote this post a while ago but didn’t publish it at the time because of my “stuff” about being preachy and know-it-all and annoying. I was reminded of the whole phone thing by a comment on…

Post and run syndrome

My adventures overcoming my fears about showing up on social media

I don't really hate people…I'm just an introvert

If you would rather stay home and read a good book than go to a party… If you can recite your list of friends by name without forgetting anyone… If your idea of a “big crowd” is 10 people… If you’d rather fall on a knife than go to one of those big, noisy, card-exchangeathons…

Barbara Sher is just like a real person, only shorter

A story about what happens when you mix shyness with the opportunity to meet a celebrity.

Don't call me…and I won't call you…

I am avoiding making a phone call. This is familiar ground for me. The dreaded phone. Phones were my nemesis for years. There was a time in my life where I just *couldn’t* make phone calls. Not even for pizza…and I really like pizza. I used to pawn off all the phone calling and answering…