Free mini-course: how to make $10K per month in your business

What to charge, how many clients you need and how much marketing you need to do

Includes a fun spreadsheet to help with the math.

What, exactly, does it take to make $10,000 per month?

We'll look at the math (with the help of some friendly robots) and what you need to do for marketing.

  • How many clients you need each month (and how this number changes depending on your pricing)
  • How people buy and the 3 key pieces of an effective marketing system
  • How much you need to do at each point in the system (eg: how many sales conversations do you need to have in order to sign 3 clients?)
  • An optional advanced look at "funnel math" (this part is totally optional unless you're thinking about selling digital products online using pay-per-click advertising and webinars)

Your mini-course includes:

  • 3 short videos (about 35 minutes total)
  • A robot spreadsheet to help you calculate different options and scenarios:
    • How many clients do I need to make $250,000 per year? A million?
    • What if I charge $1,750 instead of $1,500?
    • What if I close 60% of my calls instead of 40%?
  • An advanced robot spreadsheet to calculate more complicated "funnel math" - including advertising costs
    • Will I still make money if my cost per click goes up to $5?
    • What would happen if my landing page converted better?