Avoiding networking because you don't know what to say?

Talk to people!

Free mini-course: how to talk about your business conversationally

Meet new potential clients and networking partners without feeling awkward, self-promotional or tongue-tied

Have trouble finding the words to explain what you do? Feel tongue-tied during casual conversations about your business? Not sure how to follow up with people to solidify the connection? This is for you!

Your next client can come from anywhere!

Get ready for the opportunity with these 3 key conversational components

  • How to answer the "what do you do?" question conversationally (skip the highly-scripted "elevator pitch")
  • How to give the details about what you do (without boring people)
  • How to invite people to take the next step with you (without trying to immediately "sell" them something)

Your mini-course includes:

  • 35-page e-booklet (with cartoons!)
  • One-page template outlining exactly what to say
  • 15-minute video with examples and instructions

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