Answering the dreaded "so what do you do?" question

How to create a clear and compelling networking introduction – even if what you do is hard to explain

If you find yourself thinking "please don't ask me what I do" when you meet new're missing opportunities. This mini-workshop can help!

One of the big challenges with running a YOU-Shaped business is explaining what you do. If you:

  • Offer a service that people aren’t familiar with
  • Do more than one thing
  • Combine services, tools or modalities into something new, different or complex

How do you summarize it quickly when someone asks you what you do? And more importantly – how do you say it in a way that attracts attention and is easily understood.

It’s enough to make you wished you’d become an accountant instead – at least it would be simple to explain!

If you find yourself stumbling, mumbling or rambling when asked about what you do – this 20 minute course will help. Includes a video, PDF and a worksheet.

Learn 3 different approaches to answering this question – none of which involve elevators, memorizing boring scripts or saying you’re an accountant just because it’s easier!

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Free course: how to create an effective networking introduction


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