Marketing Funnel Not Working

Marketing funnel not working? This might be why

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Online marketing is interfering with my zen

A frequent complaint I hear from people sounds a bit like this:

Aaarrrrgggghhhhh! I spent all this money on a [marketing funnel | website | email system | social media | webinar] – and it doesn’t work!!

Once the focus turns to technology, we often forget the what we’re *really* trying to do.

The technologies that we’re using: webinars, email systems, online funnels, websites, landing pages, social media, etc – are there to “carry” the messaging.

Whether or not the system performs or doesn’t comes down to how well you’re communicating with the human being at the other end.

A “marketing funnel” succeeds when it manages to conduct a 1:1 conversation at scale.

It doesn’t work because it has a landing page, a thank you page, a lead magnet, 6 videos and a series of automated emails.

It doesn’t work because you built it on ClickFunnels or Kartra or EmailTheSnotOutOfPeople*

It works because the content you’re sending holds your future client’s attention and interest through your first “hello” to “yes, please” when you present your offer.

If you want your marketing funnel or system to work, construct it with conversation in mind.

One person (you) speaking to another person (your future client) – using the wonders of modern technology to do so.

*I think I made that one up, but I didn’t Google to check.

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