6 Week Group Coaching Program

Find the words and confidence to describe your awesomeness.

This is for YOU if any of the following are true

  • You find yourself feeling frustrated after conversations with potential clients who don't "get" what you do - or feeling stuck for words when you're asked to introduce yourself or tell people about your business
  • You experience some nervousness about things like: introducing yourself at networking events, delivering speeches or presentations, teaching classes or webinars or making videos to put online.
  • You want to develop marketing materials like posters, emails, social media updates and website content that truly describe your awesomeness and set you apart from your competition.

How it works and what you get

Meetings: 6 weeks of uncovering and refining your message

Once per week, we'll meet online via Zoom.

Meetings are structured and interactive. This is a "learn by doing" program - not a lecture series!

Meetings will include the following elements:

Weekly Projects each week you'll get a new project - a worksheet with video instructions - to create one piece of your business messaging

Presentations from group members each week you'll share your "homework" with the group in the form of a short presentation

Feedback from Patty (and the group) to help you clarify your message, make it stronger and verify that it's landing the way you intended

Projects: refine your business messaging

Each project is designed to take on one specific piece of your marketing communication. You'll get a template questionnaire for each project, along with a video explaining how to do it.

The final project - the spotlight presentation - pulls together all of the previous projects and can be recorded (optional) for use on your website.

You will work on and get feedback on the following projects:

Who you work with and how you help them - give an overview of your ideal clients and the problems you solve for them

About your service - learn to explain what you do so that it is appealing to your ideal clients

About YOU - practice talking about yourself, your strengths and talents (without being obnoxious and braggy)

What makes you different - a chance to explain how what you do differs from your competitors

Success story - present a case study of how you helped someone

Business spotlight presentation - this final project is a longer presentation that fully describes what you do

Practice: develop skills and confidence

You can't learn communication skills from a book. This is your chance to try out new skills and messages in front of a supportive audience.

Practice in a safe environment - this is your chance to um and ah and sputter when the only people watching are the supportive colleagues who want to see you succeed

Get comfortable seeing your face on video - after a few meetings, you'll get used to seeing yourself on camera - opening the door to creating videos, broadcasting live or delivering webinars

Learn how to use zoom - when you know how the system works, you'll be able to use it to run your own programs

Feedback: outside perspective to help you communicate more clearly

You'll get feedback from me (Patty) and from the other group members. We'll point out what you're doing well and give you suggestions to make it even better.

You get feedback from me (Patty) - this is a group coaching/training program, so most of the feedback will come from me

You learn how to give useful feedback you'll get clear guidance on how to give useful feedback that respects what the presenter has asked for

Giving feedback will improve your marketing by giving you perspective on how messaging lands for the potential client

You decide the type of feedback you want - you choose what you need and what would be helpful (including the option to skip feedback altogether)

Program Dates & Details

Tuesday Group

  • 12:00 noon - 1:30 pm Pacific
  • Oct 16th through Nov 20th

Thursday Group

  • 7:00 pm - 8:30 pm Pacific
  • Oct 18th through Nov 22th

We meet online via Zoom so you have no travel time or expense, easy access to your computer - and bonus! a chance to work with Zoom if you haven't before.

Meetings are 90 minutes - we follow an agenda with timings so that everyone gets a chance to present and get feedback

Each group is limited to 6 people - introvert friendly with lots of personal attention

Program Fee is $375 USD - which converts to a little less than $500 Canadian.

Have questions? Interested but need a different date/time? Shoot me an email: patty@pattyk.com

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Only 6 spaces available in each group