How NOT to do a marketing webinar

An amusing explanation of how I’m doing everything wrong in my upcoming webinar. (At least I think it’s pretty funny.) Video below, scroll for the text.


  • Why 7 figures is the new 6 figures
  • The 5 things you will not get in my upcoming webinar – and WHY you won’t get them (warning: this may spoil the allure of all those sexy sexy marketing webinars out there)
  • Math! Spreadsheets! Boring Stuff!

I’m doing a live online training next Tuesday.

Secret proven blueprint to make 6 figures and buy an unlimited supply of the best doggie treats

The topic is “How to make $100,000 per year in your self-employed business” (Depending on when you’re reading/watching this, Tuesday may have come and gone – but click anyhow because you can grab the recording.)

First things, first: I’m not crazy about the title. (Update! I changed it!)

Everyone and their dog is offering something like that.

Or at least they USED to offer that.

6 figures is totally “out of style” now – the new rage is 7 figures. (More on that in a bit.)

However…that IS the topic of the webinar – and before I tell you what’s IN it, I’m going to tell you what’s NOT in it.

5 things that you will not get in this webinar

No sob story

There will be no before-and-after story where I tell you I was so broke I couldn’t feed my dog, then I discovered a “magical system” and now I am rolling in it – hey look at me flying first class!!

No “proven” formula

You too can be just like ME. All you need are some genetic modifications and a time machine. Or…you can buy my proven blueprint….it has “secrets”

Because what I’VE done in my own business is irrelevant to you.

Because you’re not me.

And you can’t go back in time and do the things I did when I did them.

And even if you could, you wouldn’t be able to execute them like I did – because you’re not ME!

I WILL share 2 business models that I’ve used in the past: one that put me over the $100K per year mark – and another that got me pretty close. These are perfectly serviceable business models – if they fit for you, feel free to follow the basic outline. If they don’t, I’ll share some other options.

No case studies

You won’t hear any “results not typical” case studies of the outliers who had amazing success implementing the “secrets” or the “system” – because THEIR results aren’t relevant to you either!

I call it the YOU-Shaped Business for a reason, dammit!

Do YOUR thing. Do it YOUR way. Be an original, not a copy!

No secrets

Because there are none.

Secrets are public knowledge with some fancy marketing language spin.

And if they’re real secrets….should anyone actually be spilling them?

No sales pitch

This is how you do it if you want to be in The Association! Get with the program! (The “proven” program, that is.)

I know. I’m going to get thrown out of the “internet marketing business coaching association” for this one.

Oh wait…there isn’t one of those.

Well, at least not one that I’ve been invited to join. (Sadly, if you sign up for my email list, this means that I won’t be sending you any offers from my newfound “friends.”)


I have stuff you can buy. I have a very affordable course. I run a group. I offer very expensive highly valuable 1:1 coaching.

Off you go. Click click. Buy now. I’ll wait. 🙂

And if you don’t want to buy anything (yet) – you can sign up for my list and I’ll sell you something later. (Or maybe I’ll just send you new articles and videos when I produce them.)

My marketing plan is basically: “share knowledge generously to prove that you can be helpful and then let grownass adults decide whether or not they want to work with you.”

So…no secrets, no formulas, no hype, no sob story and no “fast action bonus” psychological manipulation bullshit.

Patty! So what’s left? You’ve just thrown out all the ingredients of a successful webinar!

Well…thanks for asking, my made up friend who is helping me write this article. You know just the right questions to ask!

You might not believe this, but…I’m going to share…wait for it…

“How to make $____________ per year in your self-employed business.”


Math MUST be fun…otherwise…why do they keep using numbers in their marketing?

Math! (It’s fun!)

Math is a reality check.

Math tells you how many clients you need in order to reach your goals.

Math adds up your business EXPENSES (because no one ever talks about that!) so that you can calculate that 6 figures (or whatever number you like) as a SALARY instead of “revenue.”

(PS – I think this is why 7 figures is the new 6. People figured out that $100K in revenue is pretty craptastic if you have $85K in expenses.)

Even more fun than math?

Spreadsheets that DO the MATH for you!

I have them…and I’ll give them to you when you register for the class. No charge!

Boring stuff!

Sign up for my webinar to cure your insomnia! (It has math! And spreadsheets!)

I know! It just gets sexier and sexier.

Aren’t I good at this marketing stuff?

We’re going to talk about the foundation of your business.

It’s like when you’re selling a house: “Check out the concrete! Look! Rebar!” (Said no Realtor ever. Oh wait….that might explain stuff.)

Seriously, though.

Foundations are important! Without them your house or business crumbles.

I’ll show you the 3 things you need to be super clear on before you can market effectively.

If you’ve been struggling with your marketing/not getting enough clients/not making enough money, there’s a good chance the problems originate in your foundation (or lack thereof.)

And if the problems aren’t there? They’re probably in the third part of the training:


In the final part of the webinar, we’ll look at marketing.

How people buy, how marketing works – and what you need to put in your marketing plan.

It’s actual content.

It’s free for the taking.

You can sign up to get it here: How to Make $100K Online Workshop

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