Interview with Tequila Dodard – working smart and being yourself

Tequila Dodard is the host of the Stand Out, Be You podcast. She helps individuals run their online operations so that they can free up time to focus on serving clients and growing their business.

Highlights of our interview:

  • Leaving corporate America to find a guy, have a family and travel
  • People connect to people: they want to see who you are
  • How it can be scary to show up (especially when going “live”)
  • The importance of having a niche and how attracting your circle of people leads to living a good life
  • How being yourself makes it OK to start your business even if “there are already a million people doing what I’m doing”
  • The importance of your online real estate (aka: your website!)

And more! Including how time freedom is better than money and the joy of creating websites with HTML.

Tequila’s gift to you: Map Your Year

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