Plan for Success

Set the foundation for a successful coaching, consulting or wellness business

A 3 part program to help you create a business and marketing plan.

Part I: Time & Money: figure out how much you need to charge and how many clients you need to meet your financial goals.

Part II: Your Sales & Marketing System: learn how to build an effective pathway between "stranger who needs your services" and happy paying client. Assess your business to see where to start.

Part III: Planning Your Week: Create a weekly calendar to plot exactly what you need to be doing. Also includes a tracking system to measure whether or not you're on course.

Includes downloadable worksheets and spreadsheets.

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Yes! This is a 3 part video training series complete with worksheets for about the same price as a book.

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Part I: Setting Goals & Calculating Numbers

Includes a fun spreadsheet to help with the math.

This session is about time and money.

Starting with how much money you want to make - and how many hours you want to work, we'll figure out:

  • What you need to charge per hour
  • How many clients you need to reach your goals

I'll also outline several ways to create a 6 figure salary for yourself (without needing to build an empire or hustle hustle hustle)

Part II: Setting up an Effective Sales & Marketing System

If you don't know where the problem can't fix it.

Want to reach those revenue goals? You'll need a clear process between "stranger who needs your services" and "happy paying client."

In this session:

  • Learn the 3 must have components of a successful sales and marketing system
  • Assess your current process to discover missing or weak elements
  • Identify projects & practices to strengthen your sales and marketing system

Part III: Planning your weekly calendar

Make your plan during the workshop!

If you ever sit down at your desk in the morning and wonder: "what should I do?" - or if you make plans but never get them done - this one is for you!

In this session:

  • Learn the 3 activities you should be doing on a daily or weekly basis
  • Create a weekly calendar and block out time to execute your plans

Class materials: everything you need to create your plan

  • 3 videos - one for each class - to walk you through step-by-step (you can do the worksheets as you watch the videos)
  • PDFs of the slide decks for quick reference
  • Profit calculator spreadsheet - quickly and easily see what happens when you adjust your goals or rates
  • Tracking system spreadsheet - the same system I use to monitor my own business
  • Assessment worksheet - gives a visual overview of your business strengths and weaknesses
  • Weekly calendar planning template
  • Sales & Marketing System diagram