Too busy to do your own marketing or manage a bunch of freelancers?

(and too small to hire an expensive agency?)

Done-for-you marketing services for coaches, consultants and advisors

How it works: a collaborative partnership

You work with me directly. For everything. A single point of contact and a single point of accountability.

I collaborate with you on overall strategy, make sure your messaging stays aligned across all your tactics, and monitor and report results so that we can continue to improve.

I do some of the implementation work myself (the stuff I'm best at) and I also work closely with a small number of highly skilled freelancers who do things that I don't do (like graphic design.)

From your perspective, it feels like you're working with one superhero marketing octopus. Every piece of work that is created for you goes through me first.

I work closely with a small number of clients and I have no aspiration to "scale" into a big agency.

My services fall into the following 3 categories.

In most cases, we'll do all of it - in the order outlined below.

Strategy, Messaging, and Brand Story

Establish your platform as a trusted advisor

This project establishes your platform as a trusted advisor.

  • Developing an overarching brand story based on your clients' journey
  • Codifying your expertise into a comprehensive visual model that explains what you do so that clients can quickly "get" it and understand how it will help them. (And for you, creates an "umbrella" for ALL of your services and expertise.)
  • Articulating a purpose/vision/manifesto/point-of-view that separates you from your competitors and provides a "voice" for your marketing materials
  • Developing an ideal client profile so that we know exactly who is looking for you, what they want to see/hear and how they describe your services in their words
  • Capturing powerful case study testimonials from your past clients to provide "social proof" and to sell your services for you

Looking for that brief soundbite that captures the essence of the value you deliver? This is how we get there.

It is from this base that all marketing initiatives flow...

Trusted Advisor Marketing Machines

Get a client-centred website and personalized email funnels designed to sell your services

This project creates a "home base" for all of your marketing.

  • Building a professional website with content and copy that articulates your strategy, message and brand story
  • Implementing personalized email funnel systems structured to speak to individual subsets of your market; individual because people vary and a message that works for one, won't work for all
  • Developing an information kit and sales presentation that provides details about the services you offer and how you work (this is for "hot" ready-to-buy leads)
  • Creating an e-book and educational presentation (webinar) that covers your overarching model and educates your clients about what the root causes of their symptoms are and what they need to do to get the results they are after (this is for "cool" leads who are still in the research/evaluation stage of their buyer's journey)

Once your machine is in place, the goal is to drive people to your website, have them opt-in to an email funnel, and have them "already sold" before they book onto your calendar.

Thought Leadership Content Marketing

Attract high quality clients by sharing your genius with the world

Thought leadership marketing supplements the personal direct outreach/prospecting/networking that you are already doing - giving people you meet an opportunity to learn more about you and your services without you being present.

Our focus is high quality content. Each piece is an "agent of thought leadership" designed to build trust and authority with people who match your ideal client profile.

Your Authority Content Marketing can include any or all of the following:

  • Writing a book
  • Creating webinars or presentations
  • Producing weekly content in written, video or audio format
  • Creating "content upgrade" offers on your website that lead to highly personalized email funnels based on specific interest
  • Posting to social media channels several times per week
  • Seeking out speaking and interview opportunities

Thought leadership marketing creates a body of work and knowledge - making your website more informative, enhancing your SEO, and increasing the efficacy of all your marketing.

Our Process for Working Together

3 steps from ideas to implementation


Initial Consultation

Our first step is to get to know each other a bit.

You share a bit about your goals, your challenges, and what you're looking for.

I provide additional details about what I offer and how I work and answer any questions.

This call is complimentary.

If it seems like we're a good fit, we'll discuss options for moving forward.


Assessment & Plan

Every project is fully customized.

Based on your goals and preferences, I'll review what you have in place already to determine what we need.

From that, I'll map out a detailed plan of both initial projects (eg: build a website) and ongoing activities (eg: social media marketing)

This is a paid project.

You'll get a plan you can implement yourself (or with another service provider) and a quote for implementation options with me.



I offer 2 options for implementation:

Advisory Only: you or your team does the implementation work; I provide guidance and feedback.

Done For You: My team and I look after everything - from technical set up to graphic design to content and copy.

Next Steps

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Our first step is a free "getting to know each other call" to discuss your needs, answer any questions you have and determine whether or not I can help.

If it seems like it might make sense to work together, we can discuss options and next steps.

Fill in the form to get in touch and we'll set up a time to chat! I look forward to connecting with you!

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