Marketing strategy planning and implementation

Refine your messaging, create a plan and execute it step-by-step

This program is fully customized to your unique situation and needs.

We begin by mapping out your unique messaging and making a streamlined plan for your marketing.

Then you can take it and run with it - or continue to work with me to implement.

While we follow a logical, structured process - everything we do for your business is YOU-Shaped - we'll incorporate your personality, your preferences, your unique voice.

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Conception: Message Map and Marketing Plan

Clarity begins by looking at the big picture: why do your clients buy from you? What do you offer? How is it different from your competitors?

Message Mapping: get crystal-clear about what you offer and how you're different

We'll start by visually diagramming your message map.

This unique process will clear up the clutter and confusion in your head and organize it into a single visual tool that both distills the essence of your business and captures the nuances of what you do. It creates a "graphic filing cabinet" for capturing and organizing new ideas.

You can incorporate the diagram in your marketing materials and presentations (it's an amazing sales tool) - or simply use it as a guide for decision-making and communicating.

In addition to the diagram, you'll receive a document that spells out the details of each section - creating a copywriting "cheat sheet" you can use for developing compelling marketing materials.

Your "brand promise" a single sentence that captures what you do - ideal for networking introductions and your website headline

The 3 core pillars of your work to clearly spell out the elements of your solution (regardless of how complicated or complex your service is)

The 3 results you offer these form a direct bridge between what your ideal clients are looking for and the service you offer

Program or service components - this part is "how" you do what you do - an outline you can use to create a signature service, educational program - or even a book

Our mission here is to pull together your ideas and solidify them so that you can say: "Yes! This is exactly what my business is about!"

Develop a marketing system and plan for attracting your future clients

There are an overwhelming number of marketing options available to you (and a whole bunch of experts with differing opinions!) We'll cut through the clutter and develop a marketing system that works for you and your business:

Choose the Best Marketing Activities to lead people from "stranger who needs your services" to happy paying clients

Create a Marketing Plan and Schedule so you know exactly what to do and when to do it

Identify the marketing materials you need to carry out your plan so that you don't waste time doing things you don't need to do (or money investing in things you don't need)

We'll have reached our goal for the session when you look at your plan and think "Hey! This is totally doable!"

Implementation Option: Message Co-Creation and Copywriting

This is an optional add-on package. We'll have 6 collaboration sessions where we'll put our heads together to develop all of the marketing materials you need to implement your plan - including all of your website content.

We'll also work on your "in person" messaging - finding the right words for your introduction and sales conversations.

Find the words to describe your business so that people listen, understand and buy

It doesn't matter how much money you spend on advertising or how much time you spend "marketing" yourself - if you don't get the words right, you won't see results. Effective marketing starts with clear communication.

We will collaborate to co-create your marketing messaging - you'll talk and/or make rough notes - and I'll do the writing and editing. Our mission is to make it sound like YOU...only better!

The exact materials we'll work on will depend on your marketing plan - and may include any or all of the following:

Networking Introductions - a conversational introduction and a more in-depth explanation you can use when meeting people individually

Business summary - a few sentences that you can use on your website, social media profiles or as a formal networking introduction

Short advertisements or emails designed to attract the attention of your ideal clients and entice them to learn more

Longer sales page that fully describes your service that you can use for handouts, brochures or website content (or even in conversations!)

About page or bio that answers "why you?" and differentiates you from your competition

Website content that fully explains your business and encourages people to contact you

Sales conversation agenda with questions and talking points to keep you on track

Investment Options and Details

All meetings are via Zoom video conference. Sessions are as long as they need to be in order to get the work done. Message mapping and planning sessions typically run 2-3 hours. Other sessions are usually 60-90 minutes.


We start here to consolidate and clarify your offer, your messaging and your marketing plan.

Fee for this option is $3,500.

Pre-meeting Assessment to lay the ground work for our day so that we can make the best use of our time together. (Expect some prep work!)

Message Map Session - to build your visual message map diagram and develop core messaging content

Planning Session - to map out your marketing system, identify everything you need to implement it and make a plan to get it done!

Follow up session - to make adjustments and answer any questions you have

Video + Document Library - templates and step-by-step instructions for creating all your marketing materials


Want some help writing your marketing materials? Let's put our heads together and get it done.

Fee for this option is $7,500.

Everything from the Conception package so that you have a strategy and a plan to work from

6 Collaboration Calls - to co-create all of the marketing materials you need to implement your plan

Copywriting/editing - I'll create final versions of all of the documents we create - including website content

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