Message mapping: words (and a picture!) to clearly convey what you offer and how you're different

Clarity begins by looking at the big picture: why do your clients buy from you? What do you offer? How is it different from your competitors?

We'll start by visually diagramming your message map.

This unique process will clear up the clutter and confusion in your head and organize it into a single visual tool that both distills the essence of your business and captures the nuances of what you do. It creates a "graphic filing cabinet" for capturing and organizing new ideas.

You can incorporate the diagram in your marketing materials and presentations (it's an amazing sales tool) - or simply use it as a guide for decision-making and communicating.

In addition to the diagram, you'll receive a document that spells out the details of each section - creating a copywriting "cheat sheet" you can use for developing compelling marketing materials.

Sample message map diagram: Grow your purpose-driven business to $10K per month (or more) in revenue

Your message map includes

Your "brand promise" a single sentence that captures what you do - ideal for networking introductions and your website headline

The 3 core pillars of your work to clearly spell out the elements of your solution (regardless of how complicated or complex your service is)

The 3 results you offer these form a direct bridge between what your ideal clients are looking for and the service you offer

Program or service components - this part is "how" you do what you do - an outline you can use to create a signature service, educational program - or even a book

Ideal client attributes - a summary of who is going to buy (and why) based on their problems, desires and values

Copywriting cheatsheet - foundational words and phrases that you can use on your website or in other marketing materials or during conversations

How it works and what to expect

The path to finding the exact right words to describe what you do, how you do it, how you differ from your competitors (and how all of that benefits your clients) takes time, conversation and reflection.

Here's what you can expect when we work together:

Intense interviews and deep listening

One of my clients described it as "the most comprehensive and productive meeting he ever had in business" (and that was just our sales conversation!)

Another called the process "indulgent" (so much attention...being paid to ME!)

My mission in our interviews is to completely and fully understand you, your business, your goals, your process, your clients, your service, your competitors.

Collaborative iteration

Sometimes we get it completely right on the first try.

Most of the time, there's an element of experimentation involved - a series of drafts and revisions.

We'll meet to collaboratively refine your map and you'll have time to "sit with it" before finalizing.

It takes as long as it takes - and it's not done until you say it's done

For some clients, things fall into place over 2 meetings - for others it may take 4 or more.

My commitment is to stay with you and the project until we totally and completely nail your messaging.

Only you can know when we're done: getting it right is an unmistakable "Eureka!" moment: you'll look at your map and say: 'YES! This is exactly what I offer!!"

When you nail your core messaging, sales and marketing become easy

You'll be able to clearly, confidently and succinctly talk about your business - in writing, online and in person - in a way that gets your potential clients to listen, understand and buy.

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