Work with me: brand messaging and copy writing

Let's find the right words to sell more of your services

Your copy needs to provide information about you, your offer/services and your ideal clients – in such a way that you:

  • Stand out from your competition as the obvious best choice for your right clients
  • Convey the value of your services by presenting what you do as the solution to your clients’ problem
  • Connect with your ideal clients to build know, like and trust

There are 3 things we need to do to accomplish this goal.

1. Express "Brand You": authentic, authoritative and approachable

In a relationship-based business, it’s critical to establish know, like and trust. Your clients are hiring YOU. They’re also in a vulnerable position: asking for help, revealing their mistakes and problems, sharing personal information. They’re looking for expertise – and safety.

Your personal brand needs to:

  • Sound like you so that your written materials are congruent with the in-person experience of you. This is part of what creates approachability.
  • Take a stand to let people know your perspective, point-of-view and what you believe in so that you can attract and connect with clients who hold similar values.
  • Convey your expertise so your clients have confidence that you know what you’re doing and will take good care of them.

2. Communicate in a client-centred way: specific, about them, understandable

Client-centred copy starts with getting “inside the heads” of the people who will buy from you. When you understand their perspective, their problems, their desires, their concerns and questions – you can hold their attention and give them the exact information they need to choose you.

To do this, you need to:

  • Write for a specific avatar/ideal client profile so that you can address their specific problems, desires and situation
  • Make it about them – translate features to benefits, say “you” more often than “I/we/our company” and provide the information and answers that they are looking for
  • Speak their language – overcome the “curse of knowledge” and write for your prospective clients’ level of understanding, avoid jargon (unless they use it too), speak to their symptoms vs your diagnosis

3. Present your services as the solution: clear, compelling, the answer to their problem

No one really wants sessions or hours or questions or classes or the specifics of what you do. If they could get the result they want in a pill form, they’d choose that.

The answer is to put your services in a box labeled “the solution to your problem” and to do that you need to:

  • Build a bridge between what you offer and the outcomes they’re looking for, link symptoms to diagnosis to treatment, show how your service will help them get what they want
  • Provide proof of results through testimonials and before and after case study stories that focus on showcasing results and overcoming objections
  • Present a plan for how you’ll work together and the methodology behind your work to reduce fear/doubt/uncertainty

Deliverables: what you get

Internal documents for clarity

Ideal Client Profile (Avatar)

The Ideal Client Profile includes:

  • The symptoms and problems your potential clients are experiencing (the “before”)
  • The results they want to achieve (the “after”)
  • Their interests, values and level of experience with what you offer
  • Their questions and objections
  • Relevant demographic details

You/Your Company Profile

This document includes:

  • Details about your mission, vision, purpose
  • What makes you different from others who offer similar services
  • Your values, beliefs and what you stand for
  • Words and phrases that “sound like you”
  • Anything else you’d like to convey to your potential clients

Services Overview

A list of services offered, including for each one:

  • What it includes: features and benefits
  • How it works: methodology and process
  • How to buy: steps to working together

Message Map

Example message map

This visual distills the essence of your business and brings the many facets of what you offer into a single “big picture” diagram.

Your map includes:

  • Your "brand promise" a single sentence that captures what you offer to your clients - ideal for networking introductions and your website headline
  • The core pillars of your work to clearly spell out the elements of your solution (regardless of how complicated or complex your service is)
  • The primary results you offer – matched up with exactly what your ideal clients are looking for
  • Program or service components – “how” you deliver your solution and corresponding results – your unique methodology

Copy for your website (and anywhere else you'd like to use it!)

Your website copy includes:

  • Home Page
    • Brand promise headline
    • Short summary of who you work with and what you do
    • Doorways to specific services (headlines + brief blurb)
    • Sign up box for newsletter/lead magnet (if you offer one)
  • About Page(s)
    • Who you work with and how you help
    • What you do
    • How you do it
    • What you stand for
    • Bio/credentials
  • Service pages (up to 3)
  • FAQ page (frequently asked questions with answers)
  • Before and after case studies or testimonials (up to 5)

Your “website copy” can also be used to create printed documents, presentations or videos.

How it works: process and timelines

Here’s the overview of how we’ll work together. We should be able to complete the project within 6 weeks to 3 months, depending on our respective availability and the speed of our collaboration and iteration process.

Phase 1: Discovery

There are 3 parts to the discovery phase:

  1. Read and research: send me anything you’d like me to review. This can include your current website, presentation slide decks or documents, social media profiles, articles, videos and documents you’ve worked on previously with other coaches or consultants.
  2. Interview you: we’ll do this over zoom so that I can record our call. The interview should be spontaneous and conversational – I want to capture your voice and how you phrase things so your final copy can “sound like you.”
  3. Interview your clients: this part is optional but recommended. Introduce me to up to 5 of your best clients and I’ll interview them to gather data for your ideal client profile along with a testimonial or “before and after” story.

Phase 2: Clarity

After completion of interviews, I will email you an initial draft of the following:

  • Ideal Client Profile (avatar) – including notes from each client interview
  • Your Profile
  • Your services list – including a diagram of your process
  • Message map

You’ll review.

We’ll meet to refine, expand or modify.

I’ll revise the documents and we’ll start the cycle again.

The clarity phase is complete when YOU confirm that the diagram, services overview and profile documents are accurate.

Phase 3: Copy

The copy phase works the same way as the clarity phase. Within 10 days of completing the clarity phase, I’ll email you an initial draft of your website copy.

You’ll review.

We’ll meet to refine, expand or modify.

I’ll revise the documents and we’ll start the cycle again.

Your copy is done when you’re happy with it.

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