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How to choose the right lead magnet/opt-in offer for your coaching or advisory practice

A high-quality fit-for-purpose opt-in offer (aka: lead magnet) lies in the intersection of this imaginary venn diagram:

  • provides value to the person receiving it
  • is well-explained and understandable
  • positions you as a trusted advisor and proves your expertise
  • leads naturally to working with you

It’s a sample of your work, so it needs to be good.

I have 2 go-to options that I recommend to clients.

One is big, the other is small.

Big Picture option: “How to get the result or outcome you really want”

The purpose of this opt-in is to sell long-term intensive coaching programs or advisory engagements.

It’s ideal for advisors who:

  • Work with clients over long periods of time (in many cases, years)
  • Do deep work on root cause issues that clients may not have been aware of before they started working together
  • Lead their clients through specific processes (the advisor makes the agenda)

The content is an overview of your client’s hero’s journey, mapped to your process, with a self-assessment.

This is a BIG piece of content.

  • A 60 to 120 minute webinar/video/presentation with an assessment worksheet
  • A 15-20 page e-book (that could be expanded into a full-length book book)

This gives you the time and space to explain how you’ll help your client get from where they are now to where they want to go.

The self-assessment gives them “ah ha” moments of insight into where their problems lie, what they need to do to overcome them – and how your services can help them.

There is a sense of clarity and relief…and in many cases some urgency. Once you see the problem, you want to solve it.

This is not a sales presentation song and dance.

It’s not one of those typical sales webinar “infomercials” that promise valuable information and deliver a sales pitch.

It’s pure value and the ending call-to-action is simply to book a call with you if they’d like to discuss their results or get help with implementation.

Alternately, you can offer “more information” which can ABSOLUTELY be a sales presentation or information kit.

The other style of opt-in is on the opposite of the size spectrum.

The TINY offer: one immediately actionable tip that gets results

A 3 or 4 page e-book. A 10 minute video.

This opt-in is ideal for advisors who:

  • Work within a client-led coaching framework (client brings the agenda)
  • Offer a number of different services or create customized programs for clients
  • Are just starting their practices

The content should be action-oriented, valuable, and immediately implementable.


  • Specific advice/activities you give your clients (if you think making the opt-in gift will also give you an asset you can use with paying clients, that’s a positive sign)
  • Detailed, implementable “how to” – they should be able to do it successfully on their own and see positive results (this is not a teaser)
  • Small and easy to consume, a no-brainer to implement

A GREAT example of this is Mel Robbins’ 5-second rule. It’s quick and easy-to-understand. It works.

These work for clients because they solve a problem or get a quick win.

These are great for YOU because they demonstrate that you can help…you’ve already helped! If you have one good trick…you probably have many.

Yes…you can do both.

The Big Picture is a good choice if you mostly work with clients over the long term and address root cause issues that they might not be aware of.

You have established processes and lead the engagement.

The short and actionable is a good choice if you work session-to-session on whatever is immediately relevant to their situation.

You have tools and techniques, but your clients lead the engagement.

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