Stand out from your competition with a website that conveys your awesomeness

I got 10 referrals from social media. I'm going to choose which to call by looking at each of their websites. No site? Out! Ooo. This one sucks. Out. Not responsive. Out. Next!

Have you ever really thought about when and why people visit your website?

Here are some examples...

  • Someone recommends your services to a friend. The first thing that friend (aka: your potential new client) is going to do is look at your website. (And if that recommendation came through social media - they'll be looking at other websites as well.)
  • You meet someone at a networking event. They’re curious about your business, so they visit your website.
  • You deliver a presentation, workshop or webinar. Someone in the crowd loves your message, but isn't comfortable approaching you directly. So they check out your website to learn more.
  • Someone finds you online through a Google search or a social media post or an advertisement. They're going to click through to your website.

Why are they on your site?

They're doing their research. They're thinking about buying. They're wondering if you can help them. They're comparing you to others who offer similar services.

Wouldn't it be great if your site could clearly and confidently explain exactly what you do, how you can help them and why they should choose you?

A website project requires 3 areas of expertise: technology, design and content.

To create a website that truly represents you and "sells" your services to the people who visit, you need to consider your website content first, then use design and technology to support your message.

Most website creators do the opposite. They focus on design or technology, leaving the words as an afterthought. (Professional website developers usually require the client to supply the content.)

This is why most websites are useless electronic brochures. They might look nice, but they don't do anything to encourage people to buy.

If you're looking for a new website (one that truly showcases your awesomeness and represents the work you do in the world) - let's talk!

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