Your website is the most important sales and marketing tool you have – let’s make it a good one

Website development services

Think about the role your website plays in your business...

  • Someone sends you a referral. The first thing they’re going to do is look at your website.
  • You meet someone at a networking event. If they’re curious about you, they’re going to look at your website.
  • You email someone and include your signature – with a link to your website.
  • Someone finds you online through a Google search or a social media post. They're going to click through to your website.

What happens when they get there?

It's not enough to simply HAVE a website.

Most websites are expensive electronic brochures that sit there and do nothing.

An effective website acts as a highly productive electronic “sales partner” that turns your visitors into clients, customers and contacts.

To build a site like this requires a different approach.

The components of an effective website

1. Strategy

Fits into your overall marketing strategy. Becomes a key part of your sales process. Developed to attract and convert your ideal clients.

2. Content

Written to sell. Answers potential clients questions and objections. Builds know, like and trust. Highlights your unique differences.

3. Design

Clean, professional design that reflects your brand. Easy to find information. Scannable easy to read content. Responsive so it looks great on ALL devices.

4. Technology

Mailing list, social media and blog integration. Contact forms and advanced technical features. Easy to update yourself.

Recent Projects

A few of the sites I've worked on (aside from the one you're on!) - and a brief summary of what I did in each project and what theme I used.

Click any of the images to go to the live site.

I am just stunned. I love it, love it, love it!!!

Did I tell you that you’re brilliant?

I was so frustrated and way over my head trying to make my own website even though the software company I choose told me it was easy and I could build one in a night!!

I now have THE VERY BEST Ghost Busting website out there!!


~ Rev. Dr. Jayne Gibson –

Ghost Rescuer

Customized Beaver Builder theme. Photos and content supplied by client. Font and ghost cartoon chosen by me.

Wisdom of the Horse Coaching

Customized Beaver Builder theme. Logo, images, colour scheme and content supplied by the client.

It's SO easy to manage. No more hair-pulling code to wade through!

“Ok, I must admit that I was reluctant to build another website at first.  I already had one I loved.  But after working with you to hone my focus and create new programs that support that focus, it became clear that I needed a new website to showcase them

All I can say is “Wow! What a difference.”  I love the clean and expansive feel to my new site.  It’s like a breath of fresh air!

And it’s SO easy to manage.  No more hair-pulling code to wade through.  The simple drag and drop editor makes it so easy to update.

Thank you Patty, you made evolution painless 😉 “

~ Krista Brown –

Hands on Accounting

Customized Genesis theme. Content development and image selection by me.

Dr. Glo McArter

Customized Avada Lifestyle theme. Colours and images chosen by me. Content developed with the client.

Jacky Yenga

Fully customized Genesis theme. All graphic elements, photos, colour scheme, overall "look" and content supplied by the client.

Thank you for the incredible work you did with my new website!

“I am so happy with the result that every evening before I turn off my computer I go through the website just to look at it… I can’t help it! It is exactly what I wanted and more.

You have been so encouraging, helpful, kind and patient through this project, I am not sure that I would have “survived” the experience if it wasn’t for your commitment to go the extra mile to over deliver.

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my new website! And above all, I truly enjoyed working with you and I look forward to continuing to do so through both your technical skills and marketing expertise.

AKIBA is our word for thank you in Cameroon, my country.

~ Jacky Yenga –

Why work with me?

1. 20+ Years Experience

I built my first website in 1994. I've been actively engaged in the evolution of websites and online marketing ever since.

2. Business First

The purpose of technology is to serve your business needs - not the other way around. A feature is only "cool" if it helps you sell.

3. Communication

I will explain things to you in plain English. And I'll help you write your content to explain YOUR services as well.

4. Love

You and your project get my full care and attention - and my best advice. We will work in partnership to create your site.

How we'll work together - my website development process

When you work with me, you get more than just my technical expertise (I've been building websites for over 20 years) - I'll help you figure out your overall strategy, what pages you need and what words to use.

When your site is complete, we'll have a training session where I will show you how to update your site yourself.

The first step is strategy

Before we start work on your site - we'll determine the following:

  • How your website will support your overall marketing strategy. (If you don’t have one…we can make one!)
  • Who your website is for. (It’s not for you…it’s not about you…it’s for your ideal clients/customers.)
  • How will you reach those people? How will you get (the right) visitors to your site?
  • How to direct people when they get there. What should they do?
  • Once we know the strategy...we'll get to work.

Next, we'll write the words

People visit your website because they’re interested in you and what you do. They want more information. Potential purchasers want LOTS of information. They’re looking for the details – and answers to their questions.

Words are what will get you the sales.

During the Content Development Stage, we will write those words together.

You will answer questionnaires designed to elicit the words you need for each of these pages of your site:

  • Your About Page: who you are, why you’re different, why people should buy from you
  • Services Page: what do you offer, who is it for and which option is right for which client
  • Individual Sales Pages: detailed descriptions of what you’re selling (whether it’s products or services) – the problems it solves, the results people get – the features and benefits
  • FAQ Page: answers to the questions your potential customers have

Using keywords to match what your customers are looking for. (For search engines and humans!)

Then we'll tackle the design

The design of your website needs to support your strategy and your words. Your information needs to be easy to find, the design needs to be modern, professional and attractive.

Your website design reflects the quality of your business.

Your design starts with you providing me with examples of sites that you like. (If you know exactly how you want it to look, that’s super. And if you have a graphic designer, I would be happy to work with them.)I start with a professionally designed Premium WordPress template, then I modify it to reflect your preferences and your unique business.

The design stage includes the following:

  • Navigation and layout: what goes where – and how will the information flow so that people can easily find what they’re looking for
  • Text and whitespace: is the font easy to read? Is there enough white space between paragraphs to make it easy to read. Do the sub-heads make it easy to scan?
  • Colours and logo: does the website match your visual branding?
  • Images and photography: do these convey visual interest, do they match your brand?
  • Responsiveness: making sure your site looks good on computers, tablets and phones

I'll look after the technical stuff for you

Domains, hosting, CSS, HTML, PHP, WordPress, MailChimp, paypal buttons, registration systems, e-learning systems. What do you need? Which is the best option?

Your website needs to function in such a way that it supports your marketing strategy

I develop all websites using the WordPress platform - using a premium theme with a drag and drop visual builder. This means that you can learn how to update your own content (if you wish to do so!)

I can help you with all of the technical pieces you need to make your site operational.

  • Domain name and hosting: what is your website called – and where will it live.
  • WordPress installation and configuration: incorporating your design elements, building your navigation, linking everything together
  • Blog integration: for content marketing – a place to publish your articles
  • MailChimp integration: connecting your email list to your website, making it easy for people to sign up for your list (if you have one!)
  • Paypal buttons: for online sales
  • Social media integration: links to your profiles, a Facebook Like Box (with all the faces), social sharing buttons for your blog
  • Advanced technical features: need something I haven’t listed? Membership site? E-learning functionality? I can either help or direct you to someone who can.

Then I'll show you how to use it

We will wrap up our work together with one or more training sessions so I can walk you through how to use your new systems.

All this for a very reasonable price

Your website is an “investment” rather than a cost, because a GOOD website can easily return the money you’ve spent in additional revenue. (Think about the business you are already missing out on because your website doesn’t adequately sell what you do!)

Prices vary according to the number of pages required and what you need the site to do. The examples shown above are in the $2,500 - $3,500 range.

For a quote on your project, simply fill in the form below and we'll talk!

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