Who I work with: smart people who care

Most (but not all) of my clients fall under the general professions of: consultant, coach or wellness professional. They may call themselves a speaker, trainer, educator, healer, doctor, therapist, counsellor, advisor, strategist, etc.

They are small business owners - often a "company of one" - sometimes working with a partner or a group of fellow professionals.

But what really sets my clients apart isn't so much WHAT they do - it's who they are and how they do it.

My clients are smart people. Intelligent. Experienced.

They're also educated.

Often formally and academically (a number of my clients have doctorate degrees - including some medical doctors)

And/or they've taken specific hands-on training in their profession (certifications and training programs) or learned through their own self-study.

They're life-long-learners who are constantly striving to become better.

They care.

They pride themselves on delivering excellent service, of truly making a difference for their clients.

They often describe their work as a mission, a purpose, a calling. It's the thing they were born to do. They're full-on 100% committed.

They strive to be the very best they can be - they're constantly improving, learning and upgrading.

They're different. They're better.

Often, they are blazing new trails in their fields: combining their skills, talents, experience, research and learned techniques to create their own process or methodology.

They are simply better and different from their "competitors" (in quotes because I don't believe YOU-Shaped Businesses actually HAVE competition.)

And therein lies the rub.

Both "different" and "better" can be hard to explain

Everyone claims to be better.

And different leads to "I don't get it."

To truly convey "better" and "different" requires a lot more explanation than a 30-second sound-bite can contain.

And when you have years of credentials and experience - it can be really hard to talk about what you do in a way that your potential clients understand.

It can ALSO be really hard for marketing professionals (business coaches, copywriters, web designers, social media experts) to understand.

My clients have often had the experience of paying good money to a professional that "didn't get them."

They've been crammed into a cookie-cutter template/formula/box.

They've been asked to choose ONE of the things they offer or advised to "niche down" to a specific "target market" defined primarily by arbitrary (and irrelevant) demographic factors like gender, age or occupation.

(Ask me and my Visa card about my own first hand experience with this!)

And this is the core of what sets me apart from others in my field.

My first goal is to "get" what you do

One of my clients called it "intellectual curiosity" - my drive to truly understand what they do, how it works, how it all fits together.

To me, it's pure professionalism: how can I write copy for someone - to explain what they do to other people - if I don't GET IT myself?

When I work with clients, I start with an in-depth interview process. Multiple appointments and intense questioning. Lots of notes.

One of my clients described this as "my 4-hour interview process" (sometimes it takes longer!)

Another called it "indulgent."

Another said he had never had such a productive and intense meeting in his life (and THAT was just our sales conversation!)

Steven Covey advises to "seek first to understand" and I take that advice to heart. I can't do my job without understanding first.

The project isn't complete until you're happy with it

Our end work product - a visual message map and your written copy - need to get these responses:

Wow. This is exactly what I do and what I offer.

Yes. This sounds like me.

To get there requires collaboration. Commitment from both of us. Some time and some back-and-forth.

It's not a quick fix. You can't "tweak" your way to clear and effective communication. It's not for everyone.

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