Your next clients: who they are, where to find them, how to talk to them

Learn how to attract the attention of the strangers who need your services and turn them into happy paying clients

If there's any "secret" to getting clients it's this: being clear about who they are, knowing where to find them - and the ability to talk to them in a way that leads to a sale.

This 3 part training program includes

Part I - Who is going to buy from you: your ideal clients, where to find them, how to introduce yourself to them

Part II - How to write client attracting marketing materials: website sales pages, posters, handouts, ads

Part III - How to have an effective sales conversation: exactly what to say when someone is interested in your services

Includes worksheets and templates to help you implement. (Scroll for more details.)

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Part I: Who is going to buy from you?

Does it sometimes feel like your potential clients are hiding from you?

Where are all the clients?

If you've been to a local business networking event - or if you've visited Facebook recently, you'll notice that everyone is selling - but no one is buying!

This session is focused on finding those elusive buyers. Who are they? Where are they? And what do you say once you've spotted one!

What we'll cover:

  • Who your ideal clients are and how to identify them
  • Where to find them: the best places to look for new clients
  • How to introduce yourself to them: what to say when someone asks about what you do


Part II: How to write client attracting marketing materials

The right words can make the difference between someone reading your sales material - or clicking away

Your written marketing materials give potential clients a safe, risk-free way to learn more about your services. Good marketing materials can do 80% of the selling for you!

In this session, we'll cover what to write on website sales pages, advertisements, posters, handouts or emails.

Good news if you hate self-promotion: the best marketing materials are client-centered, not YOU-centered.

What we'll cover:

  • What information you need to include on your sales materials so that your potential clients can see the benefits of working with you
  • How to write attention grabbing headlines
  • How to describe what you do in terms of what your potential clients will receive

Part III: How to have an effective sales conversation (without being pushy)

An effective sales conversation can feel more like coaching than selling!

Someone is interested in what you do. Now what??

"Selling" doesn't have to be pushy or manipulative.

Learn to use your empathy and listening skills to connect with your potential client and explore whether working together is right for both of you.

What we'll cover:

  • How to structure your sales conversation so that you feel confident and in control (and your potential client feels comfortable)
  • When to talk - and when to listen
  • How, when and IF to ask for the sale